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      1. Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd.


        Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd.

        Specializing in the research, development, production

        and trade of albendazole products

      2. +86-519-82553288Sales Hotline:
      3. About us

        Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and reorganized in August 2016; we obtained the Veterinary drug production license [(2016) veterinary drug production license 10047#] and veterinary drug GMP certificate [(2016) veterinary drug GMP license 10016#] from Ministry of Agriculture. As the National Hi-Tech Enterprise of China, Star Company of Jiangsu Province and Outstanding Veterinary Medicine Factory of Jiangsu Province, we are mainly engaged in the research, development, promotion, manufacturing and services of Animal anthelmintics, APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. Now, our main products are all kinds of APIs, including Albendazole (CPV, USP), Triclabendazole, Closantel sodium, metrifonatum purification, Acriflavine hydrochloride, Niclosamide, Triflumuron and Fluazuron, etc. They are well sold both in Chinese and international market. As a gardenesque factory with elegant buildings and complied with the objective as “Quality first, Customer primary”, our chairman and all staffs sincerely hope to explore cooperation opportunities with friends both at home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit and common development.

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