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      1. Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd.


        Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd.

        Specializing in the research, development, production

        and trade of albendazole products

      2. +86-519-82553288Sales Hotline:
      3. Products

        Acriflavine hydrochloride

        Structural formula:
        Properties: Red-brown or orange-red crystalline powder
        Chemical formula: C27H26Cl2N6
        CAS: 8063-24-9    
        Assay: 98.0-107.0%
        Loss on drying: ≦7.0%    
        Have effects on pear, Eperythrozoon, Babesia, Babesia bovis, Babesia bovis, Babesia, but not for Taylor insects and no paste. If necessary, can be repeated 1 to 2 times a day medication. In the pear-shaped disease season, animals can be injected once a month, a good preventive effect. In addition, the Gram-positive bacteria also have strong antibacterial effect, can be used to flush trauma, uterus and vagina.     
        Closed, avoid light. Stored in a cool & dry place.

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