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      1. Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd.


        Changzhou Jialing Medicine Industry Co., Ltd.

        Specializing in the research, development, production

        and trade of albendazole products

      2. +86-519-82553288Sales Hotline:
      3. Products

        alpha-bromo-2-chlorophenylacetic acid

        Alias: Alpha-Bromo-(2-Chloro)Phenylacetic Acid; 2-Bromo-2-Chlorophenylacetic Acid; bromo(2-chlorophenyl)acetic acid; Alpha Bromo 2-Chloro Phenyl Acetci Acid; bromo-(2-chloro-phenyl)-acetic acid; 2-Bromo-2-(2-chlorophenyl)acetic acid
        CAS: 141109-25-3
        Molecular formula: C8H6BrCl
        Molecular weight: 170.50
        Properties: The product is white crystal with a melting point of 108-110 °C.
        Quality index
        Appearance: white or light yellow powder
        Content: ≥99%
        Loss on drying: ≤1.0%
        Uses: Used as an intermediate of drug clopidogrel.

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